Sunday, December 16, 2012

Media attention!

I sent out an email regarding our weight loss story to some surrounding newspapers and received a reply from a writer at the Ogden Standard Examiner.  She was interested in writing a story about our family's weight loss. Eddie, Kyle and myself answered questions through email and then a photographer was sent out to take some photos.  Our story ran in the paper on Dec. 11th 2012.  That same day I answered my door and found a reporter and camera man from ABC channel 4 news, Utah. ( Come to find out, I went to Jr. High and High school with the camera man!)  They had read our story that morning and wanted to do an interview!  I had not been aware that our story ran that morning, so that was a surprise.  Another surprise was that the news crew wanted to interview us RIGHT then and air it on the evening news. I was taking this all in while standing there in my workout clothes, no make up, hair going in all!  While the reporter talked with Eddie, Kyle (who I had just woken up!) got dressed and made himself presentable and I threw on make up, clothes and sprayed my hair.  I'm happy to say that it actually cooperated and I looked halfway decent...ha ha!!  We are excited at the attention our weight loss story is receiving and hope that we can help inspire others to make healthy, lifelong changes in their lives.  =)
Layton family reduces its combined weight by 367 pounds

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