Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My husband, Eddie...total weight loss of 140 pounds!!!  My inspiration...;)

My son, Kyle....total weight loss of 84 pounds!!!  He is my biggest fan...ha ha!  He's been known to show my pictures to people at the gym.  Kyle is preparing for his first body building competition!

My beautiful girls, Erika and Alisha.  I need to get some before pictures of them.  Erika has lost over 50 pounds!!!  Alisha has lost over 40 pounds!!!  I'm so proud of them.  Being a teenager and trying to lose weight is NOT easy!!

Lori-total weight loss of 140 lbs.
Eddie-total weight loss of 140 lbs.
Kyle-total weight loss of 85 lbs.
Grand total of 365 lbs.!! 

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