Monday, December 19, 2011

NOTHING tastes as good as thin feels....=)

Happy Holidays!
With Christmas fast approaching, goodies are starting to show up on our doorstep.  A sweet neighbor of ours brought cookies over yesterday.  I left them out on the counter for anyone who wanted to enjoy them.  I walked by them a few times and will admit that my mouth actually watered a time or two.  I then remembered the new jeans I bought a few days ago...the SIZE 10 jeans I might add!!! I smiled to myself and the saying, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels" went through my mind.  As tempting as food is around the holidays, I have stayed on track and plan to stay on track.  I made all low fat dishes for our Thanksgiving meal and our Christmas meal will also be low fat.  I know that as a food addict, I would crave the food even more after eating it.  That along with what the fat and sugar would do to my digestive system, has me wanting to stay on track.  I wanted to do something for my neighbors this year and since I don't bake anymore, ( for obvious reasons! ) I bought Betty Crocker sugar cookie mixes and some holiday cookie cutters to put with them.  I delivered these this past weekend.  I had one neighbor invite me in and then say to his wife, "Look, Lori is half the woman she used to be!".  He also told me that he doesn't make a habit of looking at other mens wives, but just can't help but notice how good I look.  LOL!  I also had a neighbor say, "Girl, if I had seen you on the street, I wouldn't even recognize you!".  I was also told by another neighbor how impressed she has been with the weight loss our family has achieved.  All of these very kind comments along with my new size 10 jeans, give me the willpower to look past those Christmas goodies...=) 


  1. Hi Lori - newbie blogger! I so agree re thin ~
    I started a blog in October of this year. I also have another blog that is a couple of years old.

  2. Hi Tami!
    Thanks for the comment. I will have to check out your blogs!