Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lori and Eddie go Vegan!

About a month ago, my husband and myself decided to try a Vegan way of eating.  I can see the eyebrows raising and the private messages flying!! ;)   Eddie had already cut all dairy out, about 6 months ago, thinking it may help his allergies, which it has.  We had kind of lost our taste for meat and noticed the last couple times that we had chicken, it just didn't taste very good.  After watching a couple of very good documentaries, "Forks over Knives" and "Vegucated", I decided to cut dairy, animal products and animal byproducts. As many of you know, I love coffee.  No, I really LOVE coffee!  The thing I was most worried about was finding a non-dairy creamer that I would like and could still enjoy my coffee...ha ha!  I found that Silk, who makes the almond milk that we use, also makes a coffee creamer.  It took a couple times for me to get used to it, but I really like it now.  Just a few days after cutting dairy out of my diet, I no longer had to use OTC products that I needed for some bowel issues.  This tells me that I may have had a slight allergy to lactose. 
The question we get asked the most are, "How do you get enough protein?"
People don't realize how much protein there is in vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds.  One cup of broccoli has 2.62 grams of protein.  One cup of mushrooms has 2.03 grams of protein, while a cup of asparagus has 4 grams of protein!  One cup of spinach has 5.35 grams of protein.  We have always eaten huge amounts of vegetables and now along with beans, tofu and other soy options, such as seitan and tempeh, we are getting plenty of protein.  One thing to remember in regards to protein, is that plant based proteins lower cholesterol, while animal proteins raise cholesterol. 
"A plant-based diet is a very simple one.  It consists of avoiding anything that came from a source that ever had a face or a mother.  In other words, avoiding all meat (including fish), dairy and eggs.  What you do eat are the very best foods that Mother Nature offers: grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes.  Often relegated to side dishes by a meat-devouring American public, these foods actually create the best-tasting and most nutritious meals possible."  Quoted from Dr. John McDougall/ Forks over Knives.
We feel good and I have to say, slightly empowered!  I'm having fun trying out new recipes.  Thank goodness most of them have tasted really good.   I used to think that Vegans were weird...I guess I'm one of those weirdos now...ha! 

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