Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Meeting Leslie Sansone!

Picture taken on the set!
The driver who was waiting for me at LAX!

On my way to the studio!

Bryana, a walker who has been in several of Leslie's Walk At Home DVD's, and me!

I was contacted by one of Leslie Sansone's Production Assistants, asking if I would be interested in filming  my weight loss story and being included as Leslie's special guest in a new DVD that she would be taping in LA.  I only had to think about that for a minute...ha! I was flown to LA on March 28th, and spent the day in the studio, with Leslie, cast and crew. What a wonderful opportunity and experience!
Me and Leslie!


  1. I used to do her DVD's. My daughter lost my favorite one. GRR! Kids are a pain! ;-)

    Congrats! It would be so cool to meet her. I love her down to earth attitude and the fact that anyone can do her workouts. Great job!

    1. Hi CarrieAnne!
      LOL@kids being a pain! Leslie's workouts are great. It was so fun to meet her. She is so kind and down to earth. :-)