Monday, July 25, 2011


When I began my weight loss journey, I had not exercised in many years. I was so out of shape that I dreaded going downstairs because I knew I'd have to walk back up them. It was a chore that left me out of breath. I started very slow, walking 15 min., four days a week, on the treadmill. I eventually worked up to 3 miles a day, six days a week. I became quite bored with the treadmill and the gym. I had also hit a weight plateau. I decided to look into other means of exercise. I found Leslie Sansone on exercise TV. I immediately felt like I was getting a better workout and I loved her positive energy. Her workouts are multi-muscle workouts. She has several dvd's out. Some include hand weights, bands, cables, etc. I alternate between four and five mile workouts, averaging 27 miles a week. I can't say that I love exercise and I don't think I ever will, but it has become an important part of my day and I love the results. She has a fan page on Facebook where we all comment on our workouts for the day and support each other. I was contacted by her walk at home team after posting some pictures on her fan page and was asked to share my story on her website. What an honor that has been! Remember those stairs that I dreaded walking back up? I run up them now...:-)

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